Tele Dentistry and Online Video Consultation

Tele Medicine and Tele Dentistry Services Offered by Sowmya Dental Clinic, Guntur

What is Tele Dentistry?

Tele Dentistry is a part of Tele Medicine services where a patient from any part of the world can remotely consult the dentists using modern communication systems, internet and information technology to get basic and essential medical treatments.

Tele Dentistry services are started by Sowmya Dental Clinic in view of the on going pandemic Covid19 across the globe. We understand and identified the need for dental services for existing and new patients who have oral issues and could not fix an appointment with local dentists due to restrictions imposed by Goverments to tackle the virus spread.

We at Sowmya Dental Clinic offer the best tele-dentistry services to help patients at this emergency hours where physical meet ups are not possible.

Who Could Benefit from our Tele Dentistry services?

Anyone who are experiencing oral health issues or dental emergencies that could get temporary relief by using medicines, non surgical or temporary issues that could be treated with medicines without physical checkups.

Many patients could be undergoing treatments that would require many visits to the clinic, such patients may contact us for steps to be taken as part of the treatment to continue their on-going treatment plan.

Any patient with dental issues, who can purchase and use medicines from their local pharmacy under our dentist guidance are requested to consult us for various remedies and treatments that could be done at home.

With the on going lockdowns by Goverment and Authorities to prevent the spread of virus in various parts of the world, it is expected that teledentistry services will help patients at large who are in quarantine or isolation and could not fix the dentist appointment due to technical reasons or other issues.

Tele dentistry services could help treat various oral health conditions based on patients symptoms. We have successfully treated patients who could follow our instructions to share their pictures and helped us diagnose or identify their oral health issues through online meetings, and video calls.

Why Choose Sowmya Dental Clinic for Tele Dentistry

Tele Dentistry , Tele Medicine , Sowmya Dental Clinic, Guntur

Our Dentists Dr. Naveen Chirumamilla and Dr. Sowmya are experts in various dental treatments and having treated a million patients from the last 1 and half decade. Their expertise in symptomatic treatment and medicine prescription have helped many during dental emergency where the patient could not reach the clinic physically. Our team is serving the patients remotely by using information technology and we are well versed with using various apps and systems to help the patients in the needed hour.

Main Advantages of Tele Dentistry:-

  • Contact less treatment
  • Available to anyone from any part of the world, as long as they could connect to us.
  • Dental Emergencies could be reduced with prescribed medications until the patient could visit the clinic.
  • Fast, Efficient and Safe Communication with patients, we care about your privacy and your details are safe with us.
  • Reaching remote parts of the country and world and helping patients deal with oral health issues.
  • Very helpful and efficient in treating oral health issues that does not require face-to-face physical examination.
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