Immediate loading implants reduced treatment time, only one surgical procedure is required. Gum tissue matches up with the crown better, and avoid temporary dentures or the “missing teeth” look.


Dental implants are an increasingly popular way to replace missing teeth and consist of a titanium post that is inserted into the jawbone and which is used to support the replacement tooth.

Traditionally, the implant is left to heal for several months before being loaded with the implant crown, bridge or denture.

Nowadays immediate loading is becoming far more common, where the implants and temporary teeth are placed within 48 hours of implant surgery and are left in position for the healing period. At the end of the healing period, the temporary teeth are replaced with permanent crowns.

Treatment and Procedure:

The use of computed tomography (CT scans) enables dentists to precisely place implants in the jawbone. Special torque wrenches measure the amount of torque put on the implants during placement. These technologies make it possible to place the implants under ideal conditions in the correct amount of healthy bone.

All types of dental implant surgery have to be meticulously planned, and this procedure begins with the initial consultation with the dentists at Sowmya Dental Clinic. We will need to know your complete dental and medical history before carrying out various diagnostic tests.

These tests include photographs, dental x-rays, and a CT scan. The data from these tests must be analyzed as it is vital to assess the quality of the bone that will be surrounding the dental implants.

To help the surgeon position the implants a guide is made (usually out of acrylic) to show the desired position and angulation of the implants.

Your replacement tooth or teeth will be attached to the dental implant soon after surgery is completed.


Reduced treatment time: Able to replace a front tooth almost immediately. Traditional implants often take between three and six months to completely restore.

Only one surgical procedure is required: There is no need to uncover the implant 3-6 months later in order to add the abutment and crown.

Gum tissue matches up with the crown better: With immediate loading, the gum tissue can be shaped by the temporary crown (which is more similar in shape to the permanent crown) so the gum tissue matches the permanent crown and better aesthetic results are achieved.

Avoid temporary dentures or the “missing teeth” look. With immediate loading implants, you can avoid psychological feeling. As it is hard to notice for anyone that you lost a teeth.

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